Ski Antarctica virgin summit

Ski Antarctica December Expedition 2013


Our fantastic team of Matt, Glenn, Sean, Talat, Sue & Barry sailed on Spirit of Sydney to the Antarctic Peninsula. Over a four-week period the group made a total of seven ascents, three of which were previously unclimbed and one by a new route: Collins Bay (Tournachon East Summit (949m)), Errera Channel (Cuverville Island East Face North Couloir (220m)), Paradise Harbour (Bruce Island Peak (324m), Mt Hoegh (890m)), Unnamed Peaks on Lemaire Island (600m and 650m)), Andvord Bay (Unnamed Peak (700m), Dalmeyer Peak (attempt)) and Two-Hummock Island (Unnamed Peak (300m)).

Watch this great little movie of the expedition that was filmed and compiled by our expedition member, Sean Colyer: