Ski Antarctica yachts

Past Expeditions

View a gallery of some of our favourite images taken by Phil during our Ski Antarctica Expeditions.

Ski Antarctica December Expedition 2015

Our team included of Australian doctors traversed Deception Island and made ski ascents and descents on Two-Hummock Island and of Igloo Hill, Harris Peak, Jabet Peak, Central Peak and two un-named virgin peaks above Hughes Bay.

Chilean Fjords Expedition 2015

In November 2015 our team of 5 sailed west from Ushuaia and along the Chilean Fjords. This was an exploratory trip to investigate the area for potential future ski mountaineering trips.

Ski Antarctica January Expedition 2015

Our group included Team Girl (Barbara, Viola and Phil) and the first Chinese climbing expedition to Antarctica (Daliu, Hai-Sen, Wang and Yang). We climbed 10 summits, including 2 first ascents, on Nansen Island (northern peaks (c.300m), above the Errera Channel (Mt Tennant (690m) & Cuverville Island East Face North Couloir (220m)), Paradise Harbour (Mt Banck (710m)), Wiencke Island (Jabet Peak (552m), Anvers Island (‘Little Dog Peak’ FA (1020m), Shewry Peak (1065m), Peak 1155 FA (1155m), Mt Rennie (1535m).

Ski Antarctica South Georgia Expedition 2014

Our team members Sylwia, Benoit and Dan were led by Phil and Bjorn on a ski traverse of South Georgia via a new route from King Haakon Bay to Stromness. This was a high level variant of the traditional Shackleton traverse, chosen because it is higher, colder and safer than the traditional route, and is better suited to a ski team that is pulling sleds. The key to the route was a very narrow, rocky pass through the Wilckens Peaks, which led to a super 10km descent to Fortuna Bay. The team also visited the old whaling station and Shackleton's grave at Grytviken, the enormous King Penguin colony at St Andrews Bay, and made single-day ski tours from Ocean Harbour to Godthul and above Husvik.

Ski Antarctica December Expedition 2014

The 2014 BREOGFJELL Antarctic Peninsula Expedition completed a three- day ski tour in the area south-west of Mount William at the southern end of Anvers Island. The team also made multiple single-day ski tours in the Paradise Harbour and Neumeyer Channel areas.

Adventure Consultants January Antarctica Expedition 2014

This was the first time to Antarctica for our team members, Neville, Jackie and Warren. We had a super time, successfully climbing 6 summits, including 1 first ascent (Enterprise Island traverse, Spigot Peak, Skontorp Couloir, Kershaw Peaks (attempt), Mt Scott, Edge Hill, Mt Mill (attempt), Jabet Peak 552m).

Chilean Fjords Expedition 2013

In April 2013 our team of 6 sailed west from Ushuaia, along the Chilean Fjords and around the Cordillera Darwin to Punta Arenas. This was a fantastic trip, with outstanding scenery and wildlife, plus some great sea kayaking and hiking.

Ski Antarctica December Expedition 2013

Our fantastic team of Matt, Glenn, Sean, Talat, Sue & Barry sailed on Spirit of Sydney to the Antarctic Peninsula. Over a four-week period the group made a total of seven ascents, three of which were previously unclimbed and one by a new route: Collins Bay (Tournachon East Summit (949m)), Errera Channel (Cuverville Island East Face North Couloir (220m)), Paradise Harbour (Bruce Island Peak (324m), Mt Hoegh (890m)), Unnamed Peaks on Lemaire Island (600m and 650m)), Andvord Bay (Unnamed Peak (700m), Dalmeyer Peak (attempt)) and Two-Hummock Island (Unnamed Peak (300m)).

Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition 2013

Following the success of their 2010 expedition, Phil and the team sailed aboard Spirit of Sydney to climb in the unexplored mountains that line the north side of Beascochea Bay. After sledding into the mountains via the Trooz Glacier they camped for 8 days on the Belgica Glacier, from where they made the first ascents of 6 mountains, including Alencar Peak (1592m), Valiente Peak (2270m) and other un-named mountains.

Eagle Ski Club Antarctic Expedition 2012

Supported by Spirit of Sydney and led by Phil Wickens, a team of 8 ski mountaineers from the Eagle Ski Club successfully climbed and skied 13 Antarctic mountains, 8 of which were previously unclimbed, making this one of the most successful ski expeditions to ever visit Antarctica.

After sailing from Argentina aboard the Australian yacht Spirit of Sydney, whose excellent support of the Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition made that trip so successful, the team climbed and skied Mt Agamemnon (2594m) on Anvers Island. Exceptionally heavy sea ice prevented the team from sailing further south and so, after climbing and skiing further peaks around Paradise Harbour, they headed north to Cierva Cove, where they hauled sleds into the mountains to establish a high camp. This gave access to the multitude of unclimbed, and largely un-named mountains, and some truly spectacular ski descents.

Spirit of Amundsen Antarctic Expedition 2011

To commemorate the centenary of Roald Amundsen reaching the South Pole, Jorgen Amundsen organised this expedition to attempt to climb an unclimbed and un-named Antarctic mountain exactly 100 years after Amundsen reach the South Pole. Shortly after 11pm on December 14th, 2011, the first ascent was made of Amundsen Peak above Cierva Cove. This expedition was supported by Spirit of Sydney and the skiing and climbing led by Phil Wickens.

Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition 2010

Led by Phil Wickens, the team of 7 mountaineers from the Alpine Club sailed to Antarcica on Spirit of Sydney and summited 8 Antarctic mountains, five of which were previously unclimbed. The main area explored was east of Deloncle Bay in the Lemaire Channel, where the highest, Mt Matin, proved to be over 1000m higher than marked on the map. We then explored the mountains that overlook Paradise Harbour, including Mt Inverleith, which dominates this range. All mountains were approached on ski, and many were also ascended or descended by ski.

Spirit of Sydney Antarctic Expedition 2009

Our group of 6 sailed to Deception Island, where a ski and snow-shoe crossing was made to the Chinstrap Penguin colony at Baily head. We then explored the area around Cierva Cove, where a ski ascent was made of an unnamed mountain that overlooks the bay. From Enterprise Island, three of the team made a 3-day sea-kayak journey from the wreck of a whaling ship along Nansen Island. As the yacht then headed south the team successfully passed through the Graham Passage by sea kayak. From Port Lockroy an ascent was made of Jabet Peak and visits made to the old British base that has been restored as a museum. The expedition finished at the Argentine Islands, where a visit was made to the Ukrainean Base Vernadskiy, and ski tours made of the surrounding Islands.