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What is Ski Antarctica?

Ski Antarctica specialises in back-country ski trips to Antarctica. With 20 years' experience operating in Antarctica, more than 80 Antarctic summits reached, including over 30 first ascents and over 700 days skiing in Antarctica, our experience and knowledge are second to none.

Skiing in Antarctica is spectacular and immensely rewarding. There is something for everyone, from gentle slopes to steep faces, from established classics to first descents. You can undertake day-trips from the comfort of the yacht, or embark on a multi-day tent-based adventure.

We favour the use of comfortable expedition yachts since they provide the flexibility to tailor a trip according to a group's desires and abilities, and ensures that we have the mountains to ourselves. They also enable us to reach places that are not accessible to larger vessels, and to go where we want, when we want and for as long as we want.

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Antarctic Yachts

Our expedition yacht, Icebird, is designed for polar use and the open ocean. Life on board is comfortable, which makes it ideal for supporting ski expeditions.

Meet the team

Phil Wickens

Having summited almost 150 different Antarctic mountains, including over 50 first ascents, totalled more than 780 days of skiing in Antarctica, and spent eleven seasons sailing to Antarctica by yacht, Phil is keen to share his love of Antarctic skiing, sailing, wildlife and history with other like-minded adventurers...

Cath Hew

Cath Hew combined her passion for ocean sailing and Antarctica when she purchased the yacht 'Spirit of Sydney' in 2003 and realised her dream of providing expedition support in one of the most beautiful and interesting places on earth. Cath grew up racing dinghies and then built her own yachts...

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Past Expeditions

Read about our experience on the Seventh Continent.

Glacier Safety & Training

Safety is paramount on our expeditions to Antarctica - we want you to have a fantastic adventure, and we want you to return in one piece! Most people who join our expeditions have little or no experience of ocean sailing or of extensive glacier travel and so we provide training in both areas for all people who join one of our trips ...