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Ski Antarctica & COVID

JULY 2020

As lockdown continues to ease in many parts of the world, after discussions with several experts we have decided to continue to run our ski expeditions for the coming season. If the situation deteriorates and our expeditions cannot take place due to COVID, full refunds will be issued, or postponement offered for the following season.

Our priority is the safety and health of our guests and crew. We shall expect all guests and crew to be particularly diligent regarding COVID when traveling to Ushuaia, and if possible to arrive early to ensure that you are COVID-free.

In the confined space of a yacht it will be impossible to maintain social distancing. However, since we are such a small number of people (maximum 10 on the yacht), we understand that the the risk of contracting COVID is minimal provided everyone adheres to social distancing and health guidelines while traveling and prior to sailing.

Our yacht Icebird is currently in Ushuaia and our skipper, Oli, is on board for the winter. Oli will be preparing the yacht for the expeditions and, now that restrictions in Ushuaia have eased, is making the most of skiing in the mountains above Ushuaia.

Yours sincerely,

Phil, Cath and Oli